About Us


Growing Together


WOWnet was the brainchild of founder Laura Kapp Miller. As a professional financial advisor, she had plenty of networking opportunities. However, she felt something was missing – the chance to form lasting business relationships that went deeper than superficial connections. Also, many people she met were part of the financial industry, so she was not growing outside her industry.

Laura’s beliefs were the foundation of WOWnet, founded in August 2004 to connect women from various area industries to develop lasting business relationships. Originally named “The Women of Wednesday (WOW) Network,” the group meets monthly on Wednesdays to connect, share business referrals and learn more about its members’ businesses and more.


WOWnet has become a highly recognized and respected networking group of business and professional women in Fort Wayne. What makes WOWnet unique is that each of our members represents a different industry. This makes it possible for our members to truly expand their network of business contacts beyond those within the same or similar industries.

Another distinguishing characteristic of WOWnet is our belief that relationship-building is key to business development. We are proud to be a strong and growing network of professionals who impact our perspective fields, while helping to develop and strengthen the networks of fellow members.



WOWnet has a significant and positive impact on our members. New business opportunities are born out of relationships developed between our members. During meetings, members frequently show appreciation for new business opportunities acquired, specifically through the key introductions made by other members. It’s one of the many ways we know WOWnet is working.



Laura Kapp Miller (2004 – 05)

Nancy Steigmeyer (2005 – 06)

Andrea Henry (2006 – 07)

Laura Antil (2007 – 08)

Katie Blain (2008 – 09)

Kristin Goetterman (2009 – 10)

Katie Lake O’Muireagain (2010 – 11)

Carolyn Spake-Leeper (2011 – 12)

Angie Garcia (2012 – 13)

Paige Pyle (2013 – 14)

Ashley Steenman (2014 – 15)

Stacy Reed (2015 – 16)

Mindy Szczepanski (2016-17)

Cecile Weir (2017-18)